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Interactive workshops

Our participative workshops will help you quickly learn new skills and we'll mentor you for 60 days as you apply them in your workplace.

Webinar coaching

Easily deliver educational webinars. Our coaching program can help you deliver high quality webinars to engage and educate your target audience.

Online courses

We'll soon be offering a range of online courses so you can quickly learn new skills without needing to pack your bag and leave your workplace or family.

Our story

Our story

"I learnt all about [engineering/ environmental science/ plants / animals] at university, but nothing about working with people and managing projects"  is a complaint we often hear.
Not only that, but there weren't any training providers offering a good range of practical courses focusing on these areas.
Dr John James, our Director and Chief Learner, became tired of hearing this and seeing the poor results when people and projects aren't given the priority they deserve. He is collaborating with some of the best training providers to offer a comprehensive range of courses to meet this need.
High Impact Training not only brings you a wide range of courses, but they are delivered in such a way to help you make a high impact in your workplace as a result. We don't just engage with you during the two-day workshops — we provide 60 days support to help you truly apply your new learning in your workplace.

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