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Using co-innovation to increase the adoption and use of new ideas

Co-innovation projects involve the potential end-users as part of the research process from the beginning of the project. These end-users play an important role in not only ground-truthing new ideas but also contributing new ideas themselves. Hence the ‘co’ in co-innovation.

James Turner from AgResearch in New Zealand shares about his co-innovation project in this webinar recording, where you will learn about:
• what co-innovation means,
• how to incorporate co-innovation concepts to tackle complex problems,
• some agricultural case-studies, and
• an analysis of the economic benefits.

Download the presentation slides (1.7 MB PDF). 



Is business storytelling your missing key?

Putting stories to work: Mastering business storytelling

Storytelling is often the missing key to successfully communicating our message with our target audience. Without a story, our message can become a jumble of meaningless words.

That’s why I’m excited to be reading Putting stories to work: Mastering business storytelling by Shawn Callahan. It’s been described as the most practical guide available to developing your skills as a business storyteller. You can read more about it over on the Anecdote website.

Better still, watch this recording of a webinar we held on 21 April 2016 and learn:
• how to spot stories and build your repertoire,
• how to craft a change story,
• how to counter resistance, and
• how to make your stories even better.

Download the presentation slides (2.8 MB PDF).