Webinar series

The HIT webinar series enables you to hear the latest information about working with people and projects, without anyone needing to travel. To be invited to the next one, just subscribe to our mailing list. You can also view recordings of previous ones.

The Enabling change and innovation webinar series has been highly successful and the webinar recordings are still available over on YouTube.

Free eBook

Hosting your first webinar can be a nightmare. But with a little preparation it can also be a wonderful success!

If you would like to learn more about hosting your first webinar, you are welcome to download this free eBook.

Webinar coaching service

Our coaching service will help you deliver high-quality webinars without the headaches.

We can help you design and deliver your webinar from the ground up. We’ll help you achieve your desired outcomes while keeping the needs of your attendees front-of-mind.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide the following services:

  • design the format so you achieve your desired outcomes while keeping your attendees engaged
  • create an online registration form that you can send to your potential attendeesJJames-presenting-webinar3-768x657b
  • deliver a 30 minute practice session with the presenters one week before the event so they are comfortable using the technology
  • provide coaching for the presenters in ways to deliver an excellent event
  • provide feedback on the presentation slides to optimise them for webinar delivery
  • open the event 30 minutes early and provide last minute support for the presenters
  • be present in the background to manage any technical difficulties or attendee needs
  • provide constructive feedback to the presenters afterwards
  • record the content and edit it ready for it to be uploaded to your website
  • provide a summary report at the conclusion of the event which includes details of those who registered, attended and their level of engagement.
  • design a post-event survey, manage the data collection, analysis and provide a summary report.

We just love webinars and would be delighted to help you enter this exciting world too!

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