Our workshops will be lively and engaging
Our workshops will be lively and engaging

We are offering an exciting range of workshops to help you more effectively work with people and projects.

I hear you asking “Why do you call yourselves High Impact Training?”.

Each workshop will be hand-crafted to meet the specific needs of the participants, based on the results of a pre-workshop survey. We’ll list the specific topics that will be covered in the two-day workshop, and ask you to rate your existing knowledge and confidence for each. We’ll then collate that and provide the results to the learning facilitator beforehand. They will then design the workshop to best meet the needs of your group and spend more time on the items you want to learn about.

The workshops will be lively and engaging. We won’t go over the top and use touchy-feely activities just for the sake of it. Instead, purposeful activities will help you build the knowledge and confidence you need for each topic. There will be a good balance between theory and practice – so you’ll not only know what to do but why.

Before the workshop concludes, you’ll create an action learning plan outlining how you will apply your new learning in your workplace. You’ll share that with the group and they can suggest ideas and resources that might be helpful.

You then return to your workplace and we’ll provide support to you for 60 days afterwards, to ensure you apply and embed your new learning. We will re-engage with you at both 30 days and 60 days so you can tell us how you are going with implementing your plan.

Plus when you register, we’ll ask you for the contact details of your manager (who presumably is providing the funds for your professional development). We’ll contact them before the workshop and encourage them to chat with you about the activity and outline how they will support you when you return to the workplace. That will get them thinking about making space in your work schedule to allow you to apply your new learning in the first 30 days. We’ll prompt them to think about any other resources you might need too, so they can get the greatest return on the investment they are making. If you are self-employed, then we will remind you to allocate time and resources for implementing your learning.

This combination of factors will help ensure that these are indeed high impact training events.

Workshop topics

Here is our current list of workshop topics. If the topic you’re looking for isn’t there, simply drop us a line and we’ll see if we can deliver it for you.

Working with people

  • Facilitating with confidence
  • Understanding people’s temperament and how they respond to change
  • Designing and delivering highly effective events
  • Using Open Space Technology to get results out of this world
  • Coaching and mentoring for successful change
  • Using graphic facilitation to powerfully convey your message
  • Creating effective community engagement
  • Building an effective team
  • Negotiation and conflict management
  • Building resilience in people and communities
  • Caring for the ones in your care: Mental health first aid
  • Harnessing the power of farmer groups to enable change
  • Bringing meetings to life

Project management

  • Designing and managing projects for successful outcomes
  • Achieving remarkable change using co-innovation principles
  • Applying lean startup methodology to achieve agile projects


  • Communicating with confidence and effectiveness
  • Using webinars to connect and inform
  • Using social media to engage and connect for positive change
  • Using storytelling to enable greater change
  • Using persuasion skills for enabling effective change
  • Marketing and promoting your message for impact
  • Creating insanely great PowerPoint presentations

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Designing evaluation frameworks for practice change projects
  • Designing, distributing and analysing meaningful surveys
  • Gathering rich data through effective focus groups

Change and innovation

  • Enabling creativity and innovation in your team
  • Being a 21st century change agent
  • Change management theory and models

If you are interested in delivering some of these courses, or even others, then just complete this form